The Back-to-School Prep Checklist

It is that magical time of year again – your kids are preparing to go back to school. This busy and hectic time is full of excitement at a new school year, nervousness about the teacher and classmates, and sadness that their carefree summer is over. There are a lot of things that need to get done before sending them off to school, and SesameYou is here to help make sure you remember everything!


Adjust the Sleep Schedule

Your kids are most likely on a sleep-in-late schedule which is a bit of a rude awakening when school time arrives. Start slowly adjusting your child’s sleep schedule by waking them up 15 minutes earlier every day until they reach the time they need to be up for school. A week before school starts, start practicing the morning routine so they don’t run late the first few days. 


Go Over the Daily Schedule

Make sure your child knows exactly what to expect every day for school. Go over:

  • What they need to have ready the night before
  • What to do in the morning
  • How to get to get to school (bus, walking, carpooling, you driving, etc)
  • What their day will be like at school
  • Lunch time practice so they have enough time to eat
  • How to get back home
  • Where to put their stuff when they get home
  • What they need to do each evening (sports practice, homework, relaxing time)


Start Prepping for School Activities

Once you have the school calendar, go over the activities they might want to participate in and start making a schedule for it. If your kids are involved in a lot of activities, make sure they understand school and homework is a priority. Schedule time in every night for homework along with plenty of relaxation time. 


Visit the School and Buy Supplies

To make your child feel more comfortable with the new school year, take trips to the school to walk the hallways, get their desk set up, and meet the teacher. The more exposure they get before school starts, the more comfortable they will be. Take your kids with you when you buy school supplies also. It’s fun to pick out the colors and types of things they want in their desk! 


Get Ready the Day Before

The day before school starts, you have a lot to do! Have your child pack his or her backpack up with all the supplies they will need. Pick out their perfect first day of school outfit. Have them choose what they want to eat for lunch and what breakfast they want before they go to school. Go over the everything with them one more time before bed. Ease their worries and get them excited for the school year!


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