5 Ways to Take Back Control of Your Kid’s Clutter

Let’s face it – we love our kids and buy them a ton of toys. But it seems no matter what age they are, kids leave their toys EVERYWHERE in the house. Or the toys are coming to life like in Toy Story and we can’t stop stepping on them, moving them out of the way to sit, or sweeping them onto the floor so we can actually put dinner on the table. If you feel like toys are taking over the home, try these easy de-clutter life hacks to reclaim your living space.

Bath Toy Cleanup

Image and Idea via Heather Drive Blog

Image and Idea via Heather Drive Blog

With a simple tension rod, you can create an organized system for all your kids bath toys. Hang baskets on the tension rod for your kids to dump all their toys in at the end of a bath. This teaches your kids good clean up skills as well.

Laundry Basket Sorter

Idea and Image via Being Brooke Blog

Idea and Image via Being Brooke Blog

Laundry in a huge pile on your kids’ floor can be immensely overwhelming. That is why blogger Being Brooke took matters into her own hands and created a laundry sorting system from scratch! You can either follow her tutorial or repurpose old furniture to become a laundry basket holder.

Stuffed Animal Swing

Idea and Image via It's Always Autumn Blog

Idea and Image via It’s Always Autumn Blog

Does your kid have a pile of stuffed animals in the corner of the room? Try making a stuffed animal swing, like the one from blogger It’s Always Autumn. Not only do the animals get organized, the swing doubles as an excellent way to display the collection!

Garage Organization

Idea and Image via I'm An  Organizing Junkie Blog

Idea and Image via I’m An Organizing Junkie Blog

Pulling into the garage can be a death sentence for toys that get thrown down after a day of playing outside. Create an easy way for kids to keep their garage toys organized with a simple crate system, like the one seen on the I’m An Organizing Junkie blog.

Hot Wheels Display and Storage

Idea and Image via A Lo and Behold Life Blog

Idea and Image via A Lo and Behold Life Blog

When your kid stores all of their Hot Wheels in a bucket, they have to dump the entire bucket to find the one they want. Cars go in all directions, inevitably ending up under your foot and causing tears to spring to your eyes. To decrease the risk of Hot Wheel accidents, create this storage AND display shelving for the toy cars! Find the instructions at A Lo and Behold Life blog.


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